Silicon Valley Enterprise Analytics Tableau User Group


This group focuses on Enterprise Analytics. Organizations committed to improving data-driven decision-making processes are increasingly formulating an enterprise analytics strategy to guide the efforts in finding new patterns and relationships in data, understanding why certain results occurred, and forecasting future results. We start to see Tableau becoming part of the enterprise analytics strategy to enable Enterprise Self-Service Analytics.

The purpose and mission of this group is to provide a forum where enterprise analytics practitioners can come together and collaborate about process and methodologies to deploy Tableau in enterprise:

  • How to balance governance with self-service
  • How business & IT work effectively together
  • How to avoid multiple versions of KPIs when business is empowered to build dashboards
  • How to make enterprise data available w/o creating negative impacts
  • How to build Enterprise Tableau CoE
  • How to protect the value of sharing enterprise analytics platform
  • Tableau server architecture, HA, scalability, monitoring, automations, etc
  • Alternative licensing models, etc
  • ….

The topics will be largely determined by  your inputs, so your participation will help drive the conversations. Participate, drive  and have fun with Tableau…..