July 14th 2017  – Understanding Tableau Permission by Mark Wu and Monitoring Tableau Server by Alex Mou

#13: June 2017 – Manage Your Server with Server Data by Matt Coles. Click here for slides and recording.


#12:   Apr 2017 – Tableau APIs for Server Admins by ben lower  & Providing Controlled Data Freedom by Robb Yeagerand Rich Thorne. Slides & Recording


#11: Tableau Row Level Security 
  • When: Mar 2017
  • Recording: here
  • Speaker: Mark Wu
  •  Click here for summary, recording, workbooks, slides, etc

  • Data security has been one of the top concerns for Tableau enterprise adoption. Tableau handles data security by permission and row level security. Permission controls what workbooks/views an user can see. Row level security controls what data sets this user can see. For example APAC users see APAC sales, EMEA users see EMEA sales only while both APAC and EMEA users have the same permission to the same workbook.


#10: Metadata Automation
  • When: Feb 2017
  • Recording: here
  • Speaker: Jeff Strauss 
  • The value goes like so.  Analysts create Insightful dashboards and datasources…Publish…Tableau Server has a mass of dashboards (hopefully neatly organized into projects), but now the need arises to peel back the onion, understand collectively the data lineage, and answer questions like:

    1. Our DW is replacing X with Y, how are all the dashboards affected?

    2. What vizzes have a particular data attribute so that I don’t have to start from scratch?

    3. What is the underlying calculation and are calculations consistent across workbooks?

    4. What is the min and max value for a data dimension?

    5. Are there unused fields within published datasources?


#9: Building a COE at Wells Fargo: Next Level Governance at Large Scale
  • When: Jan 18th 9-10am PST
  • Recording: here
  • Speaker: Brian Mooneyham, Wells Fargo
  • Abstract: Learn how Wells Fargo manages explosive growth of Tableau users to 30,000 in last 2 years: how to boost the environment’s efficiency by establishing governance, best practices and optimization throughout Tableau platform.
  • Speaker Bio: Brian is a vice president within the enterprise data & analytics (ED&A) group at Wells Fargo. Brian is responsible for the Enterprise-Wide Tableau Center of Excellence providing guidance and assistance with Tableau capabilities, assessments, implementations as well as design, development, training and best practices. Having earned a degree in mathematics, Brian has 19 years of experience with analytics, technology, marketing and strategy from multiple industries: banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, hospitality, and professional sports.
#8: Tableau V10 New Feature demo for servers

Speaker:  Michael Perillo (Charles Schwab)
Jeff Strauss(Conversant Media)

Click here for recording, slide and other details.

Date: Friday, October 7
Time: 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. PDT

Topics: Tableau v10 new server features
  • Cross Database Joins
  • Subscriptions
  • Web Editing
  • Site SAML
  • Revision History


#7: Tableau Data Server Use Cases and Automation – Aug 24th 2016

Speaker: Meredith Dicks, Mike Roberts and Mark Wu

Click here for recording, slide and other details.

Summary: We reached record high with 265 attendees.  I have received some really nice feedback about today’s sessions: “Thank you for the presentation today. I have only recently become an Administrator at my company; your presentation answered a lot of questions I have been pondering for a few day”

  • Tableau Data Server Architecture – Meredith Dicks
    What is data server? What is Tableau’s intent for Tableau data server? What business problems that Tableau’s Data Server tries to solve? How and why? What are the use cases? What is new in Tableau V10 for data server?
  • Data server automation – Mike Roberts
    Data server use cases and automation’s. How to update custom sql, server and connection info automatically for multiple workbooks? What are the effective approaches to manage data server?
  • Data governance – Mark Wu
    How to use data server for data governance? How to create data dictionary by using data server? How to achieve single source of truth by using data

#6  How Netflix scaling Tableau – July 14th 2016

Albert Wong has stepped up and co-own this Silicon Valley Enterprise Tableau User Group. Albert hosted an awesome user group meet-up with more than 150+ people in room and 20 people on-line. This was first time we did the live streaming which worked very well. Online users asked a lot of great questions too at the end of presentation. The event summary with recording is @


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#5  Tableau Server Architecture, Configuration Demo and Governance Process

We had another great sessions with  more than 120+ joined this live webinar on Apr 28th 10AM-11:30AM PST by Santosh Adari and Mark Wu

  • HA clusters, hardware configurations, SSO, load balancer
  • Monitoring (TabMon, customized admin views)
  • Alerts (performance alerts, extracts failure alerts)
  • How to distribute admin work (sites, site admin)
  • Release or publishing process
  • Workbook performance management process
  • Data governance process

Recording and slides are @


#4 Webinar – Tableau Server Upgrade

When: Mar 24, 2016 10:00 AM (GMT-8:00) Pacific Time

We had great webinar on March 24th about Tableau server upgrade (presented by Mark Wu) and Tableau predictive (presented by Dan Murray) with more than 100 attendances.

Some additional information for the webinar:

  1. If you missed the webinar, recording is here 
  2. Questions and answers are here
  3. Tableau server upgrade slide used during webinar is here
  4. The Web Data Connector URL used during demo is provided by Tableau Junkie. URL  is
  5. Tableau Release Date workbook used during webinar is @
  6. Dan Murray’s workbook & presentation are @ TYD2 Tour Journal: Multiple Talks in the Bay Area | Tableau Your Data!


#3 Webinar – Workbook Performance

We had an awesome Workbook Performance Webinar today with about 200 audiences via Zoom. Speaker Mike Roberts shared great insights on

  • Workbook MetaData : What’s actually in the workbook (filters, row shelf, column shelf, etc)? Where do we get all the metadata WITHOUT using tabcmd/rest api? PostgreSQL / psql
  • Desktop vs Server: Something that performs well on desktop *should* perform equally well on Server. But sometimes that’s not true, how to troubleshoot it?
  • Alerts: How to create performance alerts to your workbook as people often don’t know if their workbook perf gets slow.

The presentation is @

The code used is @

Click here for Webinar recording


#2 Webinar – 9.2 upgrade & new feature demo 2/5/16

About 30 people joined the webinar.  Audience survey feedback is 4.4 (1-5 scale & 5 being the awesome).  The audience voted favorite new features are Smart Data Prep (9.2 is able to detect spreadsheet sub-tables automatically) and Web Data Connector.

Summary and slides @

Agenda: Tableau 9.2 upgrade experience and new feature demo

  • Why upgrade to 9.2?   – Mark Wu, NetApp
  • NetApp’s server 9.2 upgrade experience – Santosh Adari, NetApp
  • Tableau 9.2 new feature demo (Smart Data Prep, Enterprise Permission, Web Editing, Total Controls, etc) – Mark Wu, NetApp
  • Vote your favorite 9.2 features – All


#1 Meet-up –  12/15/15

60+ people from 20+ Silicon Valley companies

Feedback  “very informative”, “very inspiring”, “great win”, “like”, “look for next meet-up”, ….

Attendances include people from large enterprise organizations like Facebook, Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Tesla, Stanford, Brocade, Fairchild Semiconductor, PureStorage, FREMONT BANK, Intuitive Surgical, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, etc. Mark Wu presented how NetApp Took Self-Service Analytics Further and Faster, that led to some great discussions around Tableau site strategy, performance, release & publishing, data governance etc. NetApp’s Tableau self-service analytics platform added 3,600 users within 11 months, which inspired a lot of people.
• You can find meet-up summary @
• NetApp’s presentation is @